It is with great sadness that JBS acknowledges the passing of one of our founders and inspiration, Kenneth Schwartz. Kenny was always a happy, positive and supportive friend who worked alongside us to encourage discussion and raise awareness about issues within the Jewish community. An activist and supporter for many causes, Kenny was intelligent, articulate and passionate, but more than all else he was kind and considerate. He will be missed as a colleague and friend. May his family find comfort among the mourners of Jerusalem.
Jewish Book Summaries
For the People of The Book

Jewish Book Reviews (JBR), a project of The Chasen Family Foundation, is dedicated to bringing reviews and summaries of books on Jewish interests to a broader audience . understanding that a more educated community will be a more engaged community. By condensing and distributing the core messages of important works of fiction and non-fiction, JBR makes the lessons of these fine works accessible to the broader community.

JBR, through the Chasen Family Foundation, also supports lectures, seminars and book review classes.

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Our Summaries

Israel Judaism

s1Revealing summaries of new books on Israel, including politics, the Arab-Israel conflict, and Israeli society.

s2Insightful reviews of the latest books on Judaism and thoughts on the Jewish faith.

Holocaust World Jewish Communities
s3Compelling summaries of the most recent books on the Holocaust and all aspects of the Jewish experience during World War II. s4Perceptive reviews of current books on Jewish communities - ancient and modern - including communities in Europe and the Arab world.
Jewish Interest Biographies
s5Enlightening summaries of contemporary books of interest to the Jewish community, including books on political issues and historical matters. s6Comprehensive reviews of biographies and autobiographies of people of interest to the Jewish community.
Israel Defense Forces Jewish Traditions
s7Informative summaries of books on the challenges and triumphs of the Israel Defense Forces. s8Illuminating reviews of books sharing stories and explanations of Jewish traditions, life events and customs.