Elliot Goldenberg

Elliot Goldenberg is the author of both The Hunting Horse (Foreword by Alan Dershowitz) and The Spy Who Knew Too Much. He is presently completing a third book, Spy of David: The Strange Case of Jonathan Pollard and the Selling of a Politically Incorrect Hollywood Movie. Formerly the senior staff writer at the Jewish Federation of Broward County, where he also handled public relations for over 13 years, he has a BA degree in History and a master's degree in Counseling Psychology.
He has written thousands of published articles; has interviewed dozens of national and world leaders; has cultivated numerous contacts in the intelligence community, both in Israel and the United States; and has received many prestigious awards, including the Florida Press Club Award, for Investigative Reporting and the national Simon Rockower Award, also for Investigative Reporting. He is also a public speaker who has often appeared on radio and TV, including CNN. A partner, as well, in a motion picture project, he lives in Sunrise , Florida.