It is with great sadness that JBS acknowledges the passing of one of our founders and inspiration, Kenneth Schwartz. Kenny was always a happy, positive and supportive friend who worked alongside us to encourage discussion and raise awareness about issues within the Jewish community. An activist and supporter for many causes, Kenny was intelligent, articulate and passionate, but more than all else he was kind and considerate. He will be missed as a colleague and friend. May his family find comfort among the mourners of Jerusalem.
Hillel, If Not Now, When? by Rabbi Joseph Telushkin
A Jewish Book Reviews Exclusive
Actions speak louder than words. Leading by example, Hillel, one of the greatest sages of the Jewish people, who lived in the time of King Herod (30 B.C.E. - 10 C.E.), is a role model whose teachings and messages hold eternal value to us thousands of years after his death. Rabbi Joseph Telushkin, the author of this book, calls attention to the importance of learning from the example set by Hillel through his faith and interactions with others.
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